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When Mother Nature rains and hails upon your home, it’s your gutters that will take the brunt of her fury. If you’re a homeowner in the San Antonio, TX area, you may know this all too well, as you were recently hit with one of the biggest hail storms to date. If you’ve suffered roof or rain gutter damage, and are filing a claim, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. Tell Mother Nature you won’t tolerate her tantrums.

Damaged gutters will only lead to more problems. Notify your insurance company quickly–talk to us if there are specific questions you may have for your adjuster. In the meantime, you may want to take some emergency measures to prevent further damage to your property.

Diverting Water

The primary purpose of your rain gutters is to divert water, preventing it from damaging your home. Damaged gutters mean failing gutters, and you should do whatever you can to prevent water from causing further damage to your home. If you’ve lost a downspout in a storm, you can make one out of any round pipe–re-purposing anything you might have on hand. If a gutter is leaking, you can simply collect the water until repair or replacement is possible. But the idea is to keep it away from your home.

Preparing for the Next Spell

You may be able to use caulk or roofing cement to do some minor repairs to your damaged gutters, but this will only prove to be temporary. If one gutter is failing, the whole system is failing: will it be enough to repel another onslaught from Mother Nature? Will your damaged rain gutters survive the next weather spell?


Your home’s damaged gutters are positive proof you need to prepare for such drastic weather. Conventional rain gutters were never designed to handle that kind of abuse. Quality Gutter Systems is your solution. We specialize in high-tech, quality rain gutter systems that stand up to the worst weather. If you are making an insurance claim on your roof, you can include gutter replacement as part of your claim–effective upgrading may even lower your insurance costs. If you find yourself shaking your fist at Mother Nature, call us for a free evaluation and estimate. Our LeafLock and SnapLock gutter systems are the durable, reliable, and long-lasting answer to hail and the wild storms of Texas.

To learn more about the exclusive benefits offered by our LeafLock and SnapLock gutter systems , contact our team at Quality Gutter Systems.  We service the needs of homeowners throughout the San Antonio region of Texas.

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