Gutters With Leaf Guard: Making Your Life Easier

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When gutters were introduced to the masses, the idea was simple: here was a product that would keep your home safe from excess moisture. Debris like leaves would also be whisked away in the process, with water & detritus alike all making their way out of downspouts like magic. It seemed like a perfect idea, and homeowners everywhere bought in big-time.

The Attraction of Gutters

The expense wasn’t too bad, plus gutters added a sense of style & value to their homes. More importantly, gutters were supposed to make like easier for everyone. That is, of course, until people realized that ‘magic’ wasn’t quite the best way to describe how gutters tended to work. The main issues dealt with clogging, due mostly to debris like leaves. As the water in the gutters backed up, it spilled over in all directions. This started leading to rotting fascia boards, damage to siding, foundation issues, as well as increased flooding risks for basements.

Gutters Have Their Downside

Worse yet (at least depending on who you ask), homeowners still had to get on a ladder & fish out all of the debris that had collected inside the gutters. What was once marketed as making life easier was now not only a hassle but was also a hazard. Take a minute to do a general online search of annual ladder accidents & deaths. Even from falls as relatively small as ten feet (about one story), the data is terrifying. In fact, ladders are often referred to as “widow makers” in professional trade circles because of their track record of accidents.

So, what’s the solution? LeafGuard Gutters. While not the only player on the market, LeafGuard Gutters has brought something truly unique to the table that few others can either compete with or are trying desperately to piggyback off of.

The Beauty of LeafGuard Gutters

LeafGuard Gutters are a sturdy, seamless, one-piece gutter solution that are based on the principle of liquid adhesion. In essence, its debris-shielding hood design has water form onto the surface. As the water is flowing, it pours into the gutter & moves along as intended. Debris that is found in the water is deflected, so it never has a chance to go into the gutter to cause any clogging.

A lot of folks are always hesitant about big projects like gutter installs because they can go one for days at a time. However, LeafGuard installation usually takes one day or less. The product is measured, formed, and shaped onsite, letting installers do their work as efficiently as possible without taking over your schedule.

An even nicer part of the LeafGuard Gutter system is that it carries a lifetime no clog guarantee. You heard that right — no clog guarantee! LeafGuard is so confident in their design & contracted installers that if a homeowner experiences any clogging, LeafGuard will clean your gutters for you for free.

Choosing The Right Gutter System for Your Home

Will a gutter with LeafGuard be the right solution for your home? Truth be told, it depends. As with any home improvement step, it’s always best to bring in a professional to give you a better idea of what may be best for your application. Still, considering all of the benefits that a LeafGuard Gutter system offers, it’s hard not to want to get one of these systems in place sooner rather than later.

Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne can show you the world of good LeafGuard & other gutter protection systems can do for your home. Reach out to them today.