How To Keep Your Gutters Free Of Birds

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How To Keep Your Gutters Free Of Birds

For most people, the presence of birds on your property is a good thing. Who doesn’t enjoy the tune of a few birds fluttering around in your trees? Unfortunately, they can end up becoming a problem if they decide to begin building nests in your home’s gutter system

The Problem With Bird’s Nest in Your Gutters

Your gutter system is in many ways the perfect place for a bird to build their nest. It’s easy for them to reach, provides them with a vantage point of the entire area, and is difficult for predators to get to. However, bird’s nests built in your gutters can end up causing you thousands of dollars in damage. When a bird builds a nest in your gutter system, they will essentially be creating a clog.

When it rains, the rainwater will have nowhere to flow because the gutters will be obstructed by the nest. As a result, your gutters will end up overflowing which can result in the development of leaks and water damage to your siding, windows, and foundation. Additionally, your gutter system isn’t meant to hold a lot of water for such a long period of time. The strain of the water’s weight can eventually cause the gutters to either pull away from the roof or to sag, thereby further compromising their ability to function properly.

Besides potentially causing damage to your gutters as well as your home’s exterior, birds may also damage your roof to make space for their nest.

Preventing Birds From Building Nests in Your Gutters

Because of the potential damage a bird’s nest can cause to your gutter system and home, you’ll want to take steps to prevent birds from targeting your gutters as a nesting site. You can set up decoys, use a bird repellent, or even use sound technology to keep the birds away. However, all those options are either temporary or they can be a bit annoying. 

Arguably the most effective option is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards are installed over your existing gutters and keep debris from clogging them. Not only will this eliminate the space needed to build a nest, but it will prevent birds from accessing your gutters at all.

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