How SnapLock Gutters Attach Without Harm

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How SnapLock Gutters Attach Without Harm

Gutters aren’t something you sit around and think about very often, but if they start to malfunction and cause issues with your home, they’ll certainly be on your mind.

Traditional rain gutters haven’t changed much over the years and they generally are attached to a home with spikes, nails, and screws. While this can give you satisfactory benefits short-term, structure failure, rot mold, and gutter separation often comes up down the road. So what’s the answer? SnapLock Gutter Systems!

What is the SnapLock Gutter?

SnapLock Gutter Systems eliminate gutter failure due to water damage. Gutters are meant to work with water and it only makes sense that they can stand up against it over time. The innovative no-hold technology doesn’t use nails or spikes or even screws to attach to the roofline. The SnapLock Gutter isn’t penetrated anywhere at all during installation. The result is a watertight seal with the gutter at the edge of the roof. That prevents the seepage, rot, mold, and rust from occurring. All that adds up to a SnapLock Gutter system that protects your home and outlasts any traditional rain gutters.

How is a SnapLock Gutter Attached?

Instead of putting nails or screws through the gutter, the unique truss is installed under the roof drip edge with a bracket crimped into the back of the trough. The gutter can then easily snap and lock into the truss. Hidden hangers are spaced out to give the SnapLock Gutter additional support.

When to Upgrade to a SnapLock Gutter System?

There are many advantages to this gutter system including their superior strength. They can handle any amount of rain Texas can throw at them and they last longer than regular gutters as well. The new installation method gives them a perfect gutter pitch as well that collects rain and drains it away properly.

When you know the SnapLock system is for you or you’re still unsure, it never hurts to find out more details. Contact Quality Gutter Systems of Boerne, Texas to look into SnapLock Gutter options for your home. We’ll show you the gutters, describe how they work, and give you even more ideas of how they can benefit your home. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have. Protect your home with an easy investment in SnapLock Gutters!

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