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gutter types can save you money

The word “fascia” comes to us from the Latin, meaning “a band, bandage, or ribbon.” The fascia on your Texas home is supposed to be a functional, attractive board just beneath your roof edge, supporting your gutters. If your home’s fascia appears to be more like a bandage, you probably have rotten wood from gutter leaks. No matter the gutter types installed on your home, they are only as good as the method of attachment to the fascia. When leaks begin, they can lead to expensive water infiltration, mold, and plummeting home value.

Gutter Types

Gutter types can range from half-round to continuous extruded shapes like these:

  • K-Line
  • Mini Fascia
  • Box
  • Wide Bottom

LeafLock Gutters are superior to the many other brands of gutter guards, mesh, covers, screens, combination,  and all-in-one gutter types on the market today. LeafLock’s nose forward top does not depend on support from the gutter itself, but actually helps to support the gutter. The gutter floats in its holes-free bracket, preventing distortion issues encountered with heat expansion and gutter movement.

LeafLock Advantages

Imagine never hiring another gutter cleaning service in the future. LeafLock gutters prevent clogged gutters, which prevents overflow, which prevents rotted fascia boards.

LeafLock gutters require no holes through the gutter itself, so rainwater cannot seep directly from gutter wall into the fascia. LeafLock gutters have the resilient Kynar panel to keep pine needles, twigs, and deciduous tree leaves out of your gutters. Rainwater flows around the panel and into the gutter, to flow away from your foundation.

Money Savers

LeafLock’s integrated design and installation will save you money compared to the issues brought by leaky gutters, regardless of gutter types:

  • Rotted fascia boards behind the gutters will cause gutters to fail
  • Water infiltration behind the fascia
  • Soggy wood and damp drywall attracts insects, birds, and vermin
  • Mold can grow between exterior and interior walls

Compare installation and materials costs of LeafLock gutters to the unknown thousands you may have to spend on repairing walls, fascia and roof from water damage.

Goodbye Cleaning Service

Consider the annual expense of hiring someone to clean your gutters. Those costs add to thousands over the life of your home. LeafLock gutters are a good buy because you can say goodbye to that expense.

Contact our team at Quality Gutter Systems today to find out how much you could save by adding LeafLock gutters on your Texas home.

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