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Gutters for First time home buyer

Buying your first home can be overwhelming. There are so many details you need to consider when comparing homes. One thing you do need to pay attention to when looking at a home is the gutter system. It is a major line of defense against damage and you want a system that works.

Do the Gutters Have Guards or Helmets?

A quality gutter system can function without gutter guards or helmets. However, without that covering, leaves, and debris are probably going to accumulate in the gutters. That means you are going to have to clean the gutters out at least once or twice a year.

If cleaning the gutters out is a chore you’d like to skip, adding gutter guards will fix this problem.

Is the Gutter Seamless?

Many homeowners install their own gutters, using systems sold at home improvement centers. These gutters come in certain lengths and must be joined together, creating seams. Seams often leak and can start to sag over time.

Replace seamed gutters with seamless ones that don’t leak at the connections. Having a professional crew install them will give you much more peace of mind the gutters will be doing their job correctly.

How Is the Gutter Attached to the House?

Older gutter systems were often fastened to the house directly with nails going through the gutter metal and into the fascia board. These holes are entry points for water which can rot the fascia and damage the rafter ends.

Get gutters installed the proper way, using hangers attached under the roof shingles.

Are There Any Sags in the Gutter?

Gutters need to run a straight course so the water moves down and away from the house. If there is a sag in the gutter, water will accumulate there. Sagging can occur in a number of situations. The gutters may be at the end of their usable life. They may have been installed improperly. They may be carrying too much water load.

Get rid of sagging gutters and have brand new ones installed.

Do the Gutters Look Good?

Gutters provide a critical functional element of diverting rainwater off and away from the house. However, they are also part of the home’s appearance. If they look good, the house looks good. If they are old or don’t match, the house doesn’t look good.

Replace old or mismatched gutters with seamless new ones to enhance the look of the home.

If the gutters on your new home need to be replaced or repaired, call Quality Gutter Systems today. They have been the gutter experts in Boerne, Texas, for well over a decade.

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