Why Gutters Protect Your Windows From Leaking

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As we found out this spring, water damage can cause serious harm to your home – in more than one way. Whether because of flooding or a rain-induced leak, water damage can easily cause hundreds – thousands – of dollars worth of repairs.  To help protect your home from the detrimental effects of leakage due to rainfall, it is important to ensure that your gutter remains in working order. Here’s why.

The Real Culprit

A properly installed gutter system can play an integral role in remedying the situation.

Bi-Annual Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters twice a year will help keep any rain runoff from finding its way down the sides of your home. Clogged gutters allow rainwater to spill over the top of the gutters, dribble down the soffits and fascia boards. The path of this flow is often marked by green, mossy, or black areas. Sometimes the moisture gets behind the vinyl siding and the only visible problem is a leaking window. Installing gutter guards is one way to ensure that all runoff finds its was through the gutter system and back into the ground.

Correct Slope

In order to properly carry water away from your home, gutters must be hung at the right slope. Gutters that are dead level will not drain properly, leading to debris buildup, allowing water to spill over the tops of the gutters, and causing the same problems mentioned earlier.

Proper Sizing

Not all gutters are created equally. If your gutters are not rated for the type of roofing material and the amount of rainfall you receive on your roof, they will not be able to keep up.

Damage Control

If your home is already suffering from water damage, a roof inspection and gutter cleaning will provide a temporary solution, letting the windows and siding start drying out so that they can be repaired more easily.

To prevent leaking windows and siding, first make sure that your gutters are functioning properly. The best thing you can do is keep them clean. If you don’t want to climb a ladder twice a year to clean them out yourself, we can install gutter guards to take care of that problem for you. We can also come out and inspect to make sure that your gutters are properly pitched and that they are the right size for your roof.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems for more information on gutter repair, maintenance, and replacement services for your home. We service Boerne, Texas, and the surrounding region.

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