Five Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cleaning Out Your Gutters

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Do you remember being asked to clean out gutters when you were a kid? Yuck! The chore came off as more like a punishment, causing us to detest the very mention of gutters in the first place.

But as we became homeowners ourselves, we began to understand just how important clean gutters really were. Blockages leave water standing. As water spills over, it causes severe damage to the structure of your home, leading to significant repair costs down the line.

No More Gutter Cleaning…Ever?

Still, there are a number of home improvement experts who say that it might be time to stop cleaning out gutters all together. New technology has been developed that has brought to market a number of gutter & leaf protection systems that can make manual cleaning all but obsolete.

But there are bigger reasons why you should keep from cleaning out your gutters.

Changes in Balance

Over the years, our age & physical ability to get up on a ladder aren’t what they used to be. This could lead to serious injury, if not worse.

Lack of Experience

Even with the best intentions, you could be doing it all wrong. Plus, if you notice any structural issues, you probably don’t have the wherewithal to fix them.

Reactive Instead of Proactive

Do you clean gutters on a regular schedule or only when the sky is about to let loose? Usually, it’s the latter, which raises the chances of hurting yourself or just doing a bad job.

Things In The Way

Utility lines & unstable landscaping can be major impositions that can make getting the job done harder, if not impossible.

You’re Alone

Getting up on a ladder to address gutter gunk is riskier, if not deadly, with no spotter or help of any kind. Unfortunately, it happens a lot.

Quality Gutter Cleaning by Qualified Professionals

Smartest homeowners address maintenance issues quickly. But when it’s time to clean out gutters, it might be best to bring in experts. A well-chosen gutter contractor will provide you with multiple options for tackling the leaves & other debris. You want to work with a company that’s insured, trained, certified to install various gutter & leaf protection systems, and whose drive is based on excellence & dedication to customers.

Why clean out gutters in central Texas when you can protect them from debris in the first place? Contact the pros at Quality Gutter Systems today to learn more.