Five Frequently Asked Questions About Guttering Half Round

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As a modern homeowner, you’ve tried your best to stay on top of all things related to keeping your home in great condition. But in all of the things you’ve been keeping up with, have you heard anything about ‘guttering half round’? If you instinctively & involuntarily cocked your head to the side like a confused dog, you’re not alone. As it turns out, the notion of ‘guttering half round’ is something that is a little bit of a mystery to most homeowners.

In fact, it’s downright perplexing. As such, here are the five biggest FAQs about guttering half round many home improvement experts have had to field in recent years:

What is it?

Half round gutters are exactly what they sound like & look like you’d expect. Think of a large, round tube that is cut in half. You now have a cross-section of a half tube, or in this case, a half round gutter. While not necessarily a remarkable thing, it’s actually quite beautiful in design when it comes to gutters for one reason — it looks like the perfect way to move water from one place to the next.

What kind of context does it come from?

Do enough online searches of half round gutter systems, and you’ll start to notice a trend. This type of gutter is often referred to as a European-style gutter. You’ll also see that older homes & those that are historically important or part of a major historical renovation opt to use half round gutters to complete the period-correct look & functionality.

Do I have any options for material type or finishes?

Yes & yes. The type of material and finish one could have for half round gutters can vary quite a bit. Choosing the right material & finish will come down to understanding what might be best for your home’s appearance, as well as what you may actually be able to get your hands on in terms of availability.

How available are half round gutters?

In truth, getting half round gutters for your home will depend on if your local gutter contractor can acquire the materials. The last eighteen months have absolutely devastated supply chains all over the globe, and even now, trying to get building materials to job sites is a nightmare. Even when you can get them, you end up paying a premium. Also, keep in mind that not all contractors work with half round gutter systems.

What if I live somewhere with a lot of rain or snowfall?

This is a big matter to take under consideration. There are actually different depths of half round gutters, with some referred to as ‘deepflow’. The disparity in depth is to account for differences in the amount of rainfall and other precipitation experienced in an area. Choosing the incorrect depth of half round gutter could lead to increased backsplash, causing more harm to fascia boards, rooflines, and all of the other major pitfalls related to bad gutter work. 

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