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Autumn’s entrance in Boerne and the Hill Country brings fall chores to keep our homes looking good. The cooler weather makes outdoor work more pleasant than working in summer, but with diminishing daylight we need to make the most of the time available. Five essential chores, from roof inspection to yard work, will make the winter months more pleasant. 

Roof Inspection

We do not advocate having any homeowner climb onto the roof. Rooftops can be unexpectedly slippery. Instead, use an extension ladder to carefully climb as high as your gutters and gutter guards and visually check your roof – or simply inspect visually from the ground.

Do you see granules from shingles in the gutters (these are small enough to slide past the gutter guards)? If you have a metal roof, are the seams intact and rust-free? Consider hiring a professional roofer to help keep your roof in tiptop shape before winter sets in.

Gutters and Gutter Guards

A common area of concern are your home’s gutters and gutter guards. Since these usher water away from your home’s foundation during the rainy fall and winter months, they need some attention to keep in working order. Keep gutters clean; if you do not already have gutter guards, consider professional installation to prevent gutter clogging.


Sprucing up your siding is an easy autumn chore. If you have vinyl or metal siding, avoid the temptation to take a pressure washer to your house. High-pressure water can get forced up behind the siding, inviting mold and mildew. Instead, use a ScotchBrite® pad and a dilute solution of TSP and bleach to hand scrub the siding. Use a hose on “shower” to rinse from the top down.


Take a hard look at the impression your home makes for visitors. Your front door can benefit from a fresh coat of bright enamel paint that will hold up under oncoming weather. Replace porch and walkway lights with LED bulbs to throw more light for less money. Trim back shrubs to offer a clean, safe walkway.

Yard Work

Fall is the time for a final mowing (and inch or so shorter than summer but not too close!) and then a substantial feeding and reseeding of your lawn. Store outdoor furniture. For metal, consider giving patio and deck furniture a light spray coat of lubricant to prevent rust. Take cushions inside to prevent rot.

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