Fall Check: Is Your Gutter System Functioning Properly?

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BLOG - fall check for gutter systems - October 2015

Fall is here and with it comes harvest festivals, craft shows and pumpkin patches. The change in seasons also brings some chores that are critical to your home’s ability to keep you and your family warm and dry this winter. One of these chores is gutter maintenance. Here are some things that you need to do to make sure your gutter system is functioning properly.

Take Time to Clean

Cleaning out your gutters is the first step toward making sure that they function properly. Falling leaves and debris can clog gutters and downspouts  overnight. Gutters that are full of leaves cause rainwater to spill over the gutters, allowing it to collect near the home’s foundation. There, it can cause any number of problems from moldy basements to cracked foundations.

Correct Installation Slope

In order for gutters to carry water from the roof to the ground where it can do no harm, they should be installed at a proper slope.  This slop differs according to the architectural makeup of your home.

Check the Water Flow

Once your gutters are flowing freely, pay some attention to the pathway that the water takes after it leaves your downspouts. An incorrect pathway can cause more damage to your home’s foundation than clogged gutters can because the downspouts concentrate all of the rain falling on the roof in one location. Extensions are available for gutter downspouts that can help to promote a better drainage path for water runoff.

Professional Help Available

Quality Gutter Systems is available with a team of professionals to help homeowners throughout the Boerne region of Texas.  We offer comprehensive services to keep your gutter system functioning properly.  These services include gutter repair, new gutter installation, gutter guards, and rain water collection recommendations.

As the autumn season approaches Texas homeowners, take time to keep your home safe and secure – starting with your gutter system.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems for professional solutions to your gutter problems.

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