Everything You Need To Know About Leaf Guard Gutter Systems

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We’re right in the midst of the greatest time of year in American sports with baseball and football (college & pro) all in full-swing. It also happens to be the time when most people wish they’d invested in a lead guard gutter system of some kind. Just when you think you’re about to settle in for a few hours of football, you’re reminded that it’s time to clean out the gutters in preparation for a heavy rain. Maybe you just have been putting it off & your significant other decided enough is enough. Nonetheless, all you know is that you’ve got snacks & a cold one sitting all alone in your kitchen as you’re lugging around a rickety ladder & grumbling under your breath.

The Dawn of Leaf Guard Gutter Systems

There’s gotta be a better way to handling gutter maintenance, right? This is where the idea of the leaf guard gutter system really came into its own. Companies started hearing from enough homeowners about the pain in the neck (figuratively AND literally) it was to actually have to manually clean out the gutters around the house. Not only was it nasty, but it was dangerous. So, alternatives were wanted, and boy, were they ever introduced!

The competition to get the best product out on the market was fierce. As one manufacturer put out a possible solution, another either piggybacked off of the same technology with a copycat product. Other manufacturers went the original route, trying their best to mine as much science as possible that was cost-effective in terms of production. As one might imagine, the market has become quite flooded with leaf guard systems that aim to do away with the chore of cleaning gutters once & for all.

So Many Choices…too many?

So, which one is right for you? If you’re a homeowner looking for any kind of leaf guard, here are a few things to know before you invest in any one system:

Cost – Depending on the type of leaf guard system you invest in, the amount of money you’ll spend will vary quite a bit. For the budget-conscious, this is actually a nice thing to hear as it means that even for a conservative price point, there are options. But remember that in some cases, you do get what you pay for, so going bargain-basement might not be the best strategy.

Variations – From the look to the tech & science employed by the leaf guards, the plethora of systems to choose from seemingly grows every single day. Mesh, screens, and the application of principles of liquid adhesion are just some of what homeowners have to sort through when trying to decide the best leaf guard system for their home.

The Idea of ‘Zero Maintenance’ – The biggest selling point of every leaf guard gutter system is that you will NEVER have to clean your gutters again. Some companies have put major guarantees out there saying they will come out & handle cleaning duties for you if the need ever comes up. One catch though — read the fine print. There’s usually a lot of conditions attached to that guarantee. In the end, understand that there will be occasions when you may have to do some work on your gutters in terms of cleaning them. So, it’s best to know how your agreement with the contractor & manufacturer stack up to their bold claims.

It’s All In The Details

Does your roof have a slight pitch? Does your home have multiple stories? Does it have a unique construction that adds odd angles to the roofline? It’s important to get input on what leaf guard gutter system may NOT work for your home’s construction. Also, it’s worth getting input on the impact of gutter guards & your home’s surrounding landscaping. Finally, and this can’t be stressed enough, the type of weather you get in your area make a difference in what system may work best.

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