Emergency Solutions: When Your Gutters Fail

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A faulty gutter, whether damaged or blocked, can mean water spilling into your yard or garden and cause damage to your landscaping or leaks in your basement. One sudden rain shower can prove too much for your gutters to handle.  Planning ahead is always the best solution, but in an emergency, you need a fast remedy.

Diverting Water

If there is a specific problem area in your gutter, or if there’s a specific area that you have to protect from water, diverting the water may be the way to go.

Your local home improvement store should carry gutter extensions, which will allow the water to travel over the area you are trying to protect.

In an emergency situation, a curved piece of sturdy material can work as a makeshift funnel. If this is not possible, try using a board or other sturdy, straight material to divert the flow.

Blocking the flow of water with sandbags can also be an emergency solution.

You may also try to protect the landscape with a tarp or plastic sheet and weights, heavy rocks if nothing else. If the endangered area is a flower garden, you may be able to fold up the tarp and use it to divert the water the way you would with sandbags.

Catching Water

If there is a leak in your gutter, you may be able to just use some form of basin to catch the water. An empty trash can could meet your needs, although take care that small wildlife could also fall into the trash can. Buckets or smaller cans could resolve the wildlife problem, although they will not, of course, hold as much water.

If a basin is not available, you might try a combination of catching and diverting water – catching it with a tarp folded with a groove to move the water elsewhere.

Temporary Gutter Repair

Caulking and roofing cement can be used to repair leaks and holes in your gutter. However, these home solutions are temporary.

In many situations, it may appear a leak is the problem when actually, the entire angle of your gutter is wrong. After your makeshift gutter repairs have been completed, be sure to contact Quality Gutter Systems for a lasting solution.

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