Downspouts And Your Gutter Efficiency

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Downspouts And Your Gutter Efficiency

The gutters on your home have a huge job to do–especially with the rainy season in Texas on its way.

Gutters collect the water that runs off your roof and directs it away from the house. And where do they direct the water? To the gutter downspout. The gutter downspout is an essential part of the overall system and highly important to the effective and efficient job your gutters do.

What is a downspout?

The gutter downspout is a hollow tube that is connected to the gutter and runs to the ground. It carries water from the gutter down the side of the house and safely away from the foundation.

Keeping downspouts clear

It’s easy enough to tell when you have a clog in your gutter, but it’s not as simple to diagnose a clog in the gutter downspout. The downspout is completely enclosed so you can’t see debris and clogs. Every time you clean the gutters out, check the downspout as well. You might want to remove them from the house and dislodge debris. Any clogs can cause water to pool in the gutter, which can eventually damage your house with improper water runoff.

Clearing things out ahead of the rain

You know the rainy season is approaching in Texas and you probably want to do everything you can to get your home ready. That means clearing out the gutters. You should also include the gutter downspout in that process. However, if you can’t get the downspout clear or you don’t feel safe even trying, you’re one call away from having it done for you.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems if you need new gutters, repairs, or cleanings. Our family owned and operated local company understands how important gutters and gutter downspouts are during heavy Texas rains. Your gutter downspout is going to do a good job protecting your home and we’re going to make sure of it!