Decorative Gutter Options for Texas Homeowners

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decorative gutter options for Texas homeowners

Copper gutters are one of many eye-catching design options to consider when shopping for new decorative gutters.

In the same chemical family as silver and gold, copper shares some common qualities with its loftier cousins. Its natural warmth, beauty and durability make it an ideal building material for artwork (the Statue of Liberty), roofing, and gutters. 


OGEE Copper Gutters

Magnificent Metals

New decorative gutters for your Texas home give you a great opportunity to transform your home’s appearance. Metals available for decorative gutters in K-style (ogee) shape include:

  • Aluminum
  • Galvalume, a premium metal of 55 percent Aluminum-45 percent Zinc alloy coated sheet steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Copper, a premium metal

Because copper can be worked so easily, it can be shaped to make shining, attractive gutters and downspouts that make bold statements around your home.

Other great metal looks are available, too, including two-tone aluminum, painted aluminum, and Galvalume.

Sharp-Looking Shapes

Decorative gutters need not be only in the traditional OGEE pattern, the S-shape that is both traditional and lovely to see.

Other options include straight-faced gutters with their clean, simple designs that are ideal for modern homes and the subdued lines of traditional adobe houses.


Decorative Rain Chain

Another attractive option for decorative gutters is the half-round design reminiscent of old Victorian homes.

This, in any of the four metals, is a must-have look for historic homes, new construction with a traditional feel, or if you simply like the appearance of the exposed gutter supports at regular intervals.

Rain Chain

Another excellent design option for decorative gutters is to forego the downspout in favor of a rain chain.

This beautiful and unusual feature allows for a sculptural interplay between house and rain.

Design choices are really limited only by the imagination, as each “link” can be sculpted in metal to appear like a flower, open box, sieve, or abstract leaf.

These linked pieces allow the water to fall musically during light rains, and create an entrancing white noise during a heavy downpour.

Decorative Gutter Design

No matter what you choose, take time to give careful thought to the ideal combination of metal, gutter profile and downspout choice.

Your Texas home can be transformed by the simple addition of the right gutters.

Contact Quality Gutter Systems today to learn how we can beautify your home. Be sure to ask about the splendor of copper gutters, too!

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