Why You Need Continuous Gutters for Your Home

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Continuous Gutters for Your Home

If you’re planning to invest in new gutters for your San Antonio-area home, you’ll have a choice of sectional or continuous gutters. Learning more about continuous gutters can make your choice easier, because you’ll quickly see that they’ll bring you the greatest ROI and true peace of mind that your home is well-protected against rain-related damage.

Understanding Continuous vs. Sectional Gutters

You’re probably familiar with the sectional gutters found at most big box home improvement centers: they come in 10- or 20-foot trough lengths that must be fastened together and trimmed to the right length to fit your home’s roof edge. They’re typically available in vinyl or a relatively thin, white or off-white painted aluminum.
In contrast, continuous gutters are custom fabricated by a skilled installer from one piece of heavier-weight aluminum. They’re crafted to the exact measurements of your roof, so there are no joints between sections. Instead, the gutter troughs are seamless, with custom mitered and sealed joints only in corners.

Continuous Gutter Facts and Benefits

One fact you’ll quickly learn is that continuous gutters cost more than sectional systems, but you’ll also see that a continuous system is a more cost-effective, superior option when you consider the advantages it offers:

  • Sturdier, leak-resistant construction. Multiple joints between sections are weak points that you won’t have with continuous gutters, so the troughs are sturdier and resistant to leaks too. This helps ensure that rain runoff flows out the downspouts instead of marring your siding, or eroding your landscaping and the soil around your foundation.
  • Fewer clogs and blockages. Seams between sections also tend to snag leaves and debris, which eventually cause blockages. The smooth interior of continuous gutters are less prone to clogs, so your gutter system will require cleaning out less often, especially if you add gutter guards.
  • More effective rainwater management. When you have continuous gutters fabricated by a knowledgeable installer, you’ll get expert advice on proper gutter/downspout sizing and the correct number and placement of downspouts to meet your roof’s unique drainage needs.
  • Heightened aesthetic appeal. In addition to the quality, custom look of new seamless gutters, you’ll have a wide choice of durable, factory-applied colors to match your exterior palette and further enhance your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re considering having new gutters installed on your San Antonio home, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems to learn about the benefits of custom, continuous gutters.

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