Conquer These 3 Big Causes of Home Deterioration

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3 big causes of home deterioration

Protecting your home from deterioration is a non-stop battle against the elements, and the gutter system is an invaluable weapon in your defensive arsenal. Making sure that your home gutters are in good repair and functioning properly can help you conquer these three major causes of deterioration.

#1 Roof Debilitation

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against wear and degradation from water intrusions. When rainwater isn’t being carried away by the gutters and instead gets underneath the roof edge, it can damage the shingles, and rot the decking and rafters. The chain reaction of decay that starts on the roof can gradually weaken the entire structure and eventually make your home uninhabitable. The most effective way to stop the deterioration is to find and fix the issue behind the original water intrusion, which is often traced back to faulty and ineffective gutters.

#2 Interior Injuries

When water has an entry route into your home’s roof system, it can easily make its way into the attic space and the inside of the exterior walls. As the leaks worsen, water can saturate the attic insulation, turn your dry-walled ceilings and walls into a mushy paste, corrode your home’s electrical wiring and damage the heating and cooling system components. Water leaks can also ruin your home’s painted surfaces, window, door and baseboard trim and hardwood floors. The added moisture that enters from a leaking roof can also give mold an opportunity to flourish. Since mold consumes organic materials, it can speed up the deterioration of your home’s structural components, drywall, textiles, insulation and carpeting once it gains a foothold.

#3 Structural Trauma

When rainwater runoff from the roof isn’t being directed away by your gutter system, it can result in structural instability and costly damage to your home’s foundation, exterior walls and interior finishes.

Because of the high clay content in our Hill Country soil, the area around a foundation perimeter expands whenever it’s soaked by rain, and then contracts when it dries out again. With repeated expansion-contraction, cracks can form in the foundation and spread up through the exterior walls. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to level the home and have piers installed to stabilize the structure again, and then fix all the damage done to the exterior and interior.


If you’re ready to fight back against deterioration by having seamless home gutters installed, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems.

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