How To Choose The Best Leaf Protection For Your Gutters

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How To Choose The Best Leaf Protection For Your Gutters

The purpose of your home’s gutters is to help prevent water leaks and the resulting water damage which can occur. The gutters protect your home by collecting the rainwater which rolls down your roof and dispersing it away from your home. However, without proper maintenance, your gutters may not be able to do their job effectively.

For example, debris will regularly collect in your gutters so they need to be regularly cleaned out. This can be a real hassle — but forgetting to do so can lead to serious water damage. Fortunately, getting regular gutter cleanings (which can add up) isn’t necessarily your only option. You could also implement leaf protection.

What is Leaf Protection?

Leaf protection is a method of preventing debris (such as leaves) from collecting in your gutter systems. By implementing leaf protection, you’ll no longer have to worry about periodically cleaning out your gutters. The reason leaf protection is so important is that the buildup of debris can cause clogs to form in your gutter system. When clogs form, the water that collects will be blocked off from being able to flow down your downspouts. Instead, it will just sit in your gutters and rise as it continues to rain, eventually overflowing. This can cause numerous problems.

  • The weight of the water sitting in your gutters can cause them to separate from the roof. Not only will you have to pay to have your gutters repaired, but any water rolling down your roof will go straight down, potentially leaking in through your exteriors or collecting near your foundation, where it can leak into your home and cause serious damage.
  • The water can simply overflow from your gutters and leak in through the roof, causing water damage to the roof as well as leaks within your home.

How Can Leaf Protection Prevent Water Damage?

Leaf protection helps block debris from settling in your gutters without blocking access to water. This means rainwater can continue to collect in your gutters unimpeded, while debris, such as leaves, will be kept out. Essentially, it’s a way to keep your gutters clear forever so you’ll never have to worry about clogs. While there are other ways water can leak into your home, you’ll ensure your gutter system is able to do its job.

What Kinds of Leaf Protection Are Available?

Here at Quality Gutter Systems, we provide three effective ways to implement leaf protection for your gutter systems. The following are the three different leaf protection options available and the differences between them.

1. Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh is essentially what it sounds like — it’s a mesh shield made from surgical grade stainless steel (which means it was designed to withstand years of wear and tear). It contains holes sized to allow water through but keep debris out. Micro Mesh is a permanent leaf protection system which is installed at a slant so debris will just slide right off. It’s an incredibly cost-effective option and requires little to no maintenance once it’s been installed. In fact, the manufacturer provides a lifetime money-back guarantee. As an added benefit, the metal mesh attaches to the existing gutter and the fascia board, thereby helping to increase the overall strength of the gutter system.

2. LeafLock

LeafLock Gutter Systems combine snap lock gutters along with LeafLock gutter covers. The snap lock gutters do not use nails or screws the way traditional gutter systems do, which means yet another potential source for leaks is eliminated. However, Leaflock gutter covers can also be installed over existing gutter systems and are not dependent on the system’s structural integrity in order to function effectively.

Durable brackets are used to keep the LeafLock gutter covers in place. Once installed, they’ll allow rainwater to run through into the gutter while preventing debris from getting into the gutter system. The LeafLock Gutter System is guaranteed not to clog for the entire lifetime of your home. What makes them particularly unique is how they add to the visual appeal of your home. They simply make your gutters look like they are enclosed, giving it a more elegant appearance which can boost your curb appeal as a bonus.

3. Leaf Screens

E-Z-Step Down Leaf Screens are similar to Micro Mesh systems. They are steel powder coated screens with small holes in them. The big difference is they are designed with spring action, which makes them especially easy to install in your gutters no matter how wide they are — all without disturbing your shingles.

Keeping your gutter systems clear is essential to ensuring they continue to work effectively. To do this, you should strongly consider installing one of these three leaf protection systems. Contact us at Quality Gutter Systems for a free quote today.

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