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Not Just A Decoration: 5 Uses For Rain Chains

Do you know what a rain chain is? It’s kind of an odd question to open up a discussion with, but now that it’s out there, what’s your take? If you’re drawing a bit of a blank, it’s OK. Though a mainstay in areas like the Far East, rain chains have only started becoming more popular in recent years here in the U.S.. While the exact reasons for their popularity seem to vary, one thing is for certain — the market ... Read more

How To Ban Water From Seeping Into Your Foundation

  When heavy rainfall occurs, the last thing you want to deal with is a leak of any kind. However, one of the worst leaks you can experience is a leak in the basement. It often means water is collecting directly outside and leaking through the foundation and into your home. This can be a serious problem for several reasons. First of all, flooding can occur in your basement, leading to serious water damage. Secondly, exposure to water can damage your foundation, ... Read more