Why You Need to be Careful When You Clean Your Gutters

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why you need to be careful when cleaning your gutters

Cleaning your gutters may seem like just another mundane household chore that you have to tackle a couple of times a year. The fact is, cleaning clogged gutters poses some serious risks that you won’t face with most home maintenance tasks. It’s vital to take extra care when you’re cleaning out the gutters, and here’s why:

Damage to the Gutter System

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve made the mistake of leaning a ladder against your gutters so you can climb up and easily access the troughs to remove debris. All that weight can warp the gutters, or pull the brackets loose from the fascia so gutters sag and no longer function properly. To protect your gutters, never lean your ladder against the gutter system, and whenever possible, use a sturdy step ladder.

Eye and Hand Hazards

The debris in your clogged gutters can contain a mix of rotting vegetation and bird or rodent droppings, and it can also hide sharp foreign objects or ragged metal edges inside the gutters. These two dangers put you at risk of hand and eye injuries, so it’s crucial to wear safety goggles and gloves when you clean the gutters. Since it’s easy to puncture cotton and rubber, it’s best to use thick suede gloves. Wearing goggles keeps splashes of bacteria-laden water and debris out of your eyes, and it also protects against injuries from flying insects like bees and wasps.

Accidental Shocks or Electrocution

If your home is like most, there’s a power line running from the street to your electrical service entrance and it poses a deadly-serious hazard of shocks or electrocution if you don’t stay aware of its location. For your safety and well-being, take note of where the line is run, and give it a wide berth when you’re cleaning the gutters.

Risk of Fall-Related Injuries

Climbing a ladder to unclog your gutters may not seem particularly hazardous, but every year in the U.S., falls from ladders are responsible for over 164,000 emergency room visits, and 300 deaths. If it’s necessary to use a ladder to reach your gutters, make sure it’s rugged and in good condition and placed on even ground, and wear rubber-soled shoes for better traction on slippery rungs.

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