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Best Material for Gutter ConstructionIf you’re planning to invest in new gutters, you have a lot of decisions to make including choosing a material that matches your home’s aesthetic and fits your budget. The most common materials used for house gutters are vinyl, aluminum, copper and Galvalume steel. To help you decide which is best for your home, here’s a closer look at these four materials.


Sectional vinyl gutters are available in a few stock colors at most home improvement stores. These lightweight gutters are easy to work with, so they’re a popular choice for do-it-yourself (DIY) installations. Although vinyl gutters are the least expensive type available, they tend to become brittle and fade with exposure to the elements, and the material isn’t as sturdy as other options.


Aluminum is the material used for most house gutters today. It’s available primed or factory-finished in a wide array of colors. Aluminum gutters are lightweight, yet they withstand the elements well and resist rust.
You can find thinner-gauge sectional aluminum gutters for DIY installation at big box home improvement stores. Heavier-gauge aluminum is the material of choice with professional installers who fabricate custom seamless gutters. Top quality aluminum gutters can have a lifespan of 20 years or more, and they offer the best value because of their durability and moderate cost.


Copper gutters can add a distinctive, old-world ambiance to a home, but this is the most expensive gutter material so they’re most often chosen for high-end new builds and historical restorations. Individual sections are soldered together during installation, which adds to the cost but creates a true seamless gutter system. The finished product is impervious to rust and incredibly durable, so a copper gutter system can last for decades. Over time, the material takes on a beautiful blue-green patina, but if retaining the shiny copper finish is preferred, a sealant can be applied periodically to prevent oxidation.

Galvalume Steel

Seamless Galvalume gutters are gaining in popularity with homeowners looking for a long-lasting but slightly less expensive alternative to copper. Because they’re made from steel, Galvalume gutters are extremely strong, and they’re dipped in a 55% aluminum–45% zinc coating that resists rusting for years. The gunmetal-colored finish won’t fade over time, and it’s the perfect complement to modern architectural styles.

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