3 Times When You Want to Avoid DIY Gutter Installation

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3 Times When You Want to Avoid DIY Gutter Installation,Residential Gutter,Quality Gutter Systems, Boerne TXInstalling gutters is tricky, time-consuming and downright dangerous work that many homeowners wisely choose to avoid. Here are three specific times when it’s worthwhile hiring a reputable, local company instead of attempting a DIY gutter installation:

When You Have No Installation Experience

If you’ve climbed a ladder numerous times to clean out your old gutters, you might mistakenly think that installing new ones can’t be that difficult. In reality, gutter installation is complicated, and it takes skill and experience to size the gutters properly, space the hangers correctly, make sure the pitch is accurate, then fit and screw/caulk all the components together securely. If you mess up on one aspect of the installation, you’ve wasted time and money on a leaky or ineffective gutter system that can do considerable harm to your home and property.

When You Have a Complicated Roof Design

Installing new gutters on a roof with multiple levels and different pitches takes a lot of thoughtful advance planning. To do it properly, you’ll have to make various complex calculations based on the roof’s square footage, local rainfall data, as well as pitch and drop lengths to figure out:

  • The right size of gutters for specific sections of the roof
  • The correct number of downspouts needed
  • Where to place downspouts so water from different sections gets diverted away properly
  • Identifying any areas that should have extra screws or rivets


For peace of mind that your new gutter system is designed correctly, it’s best to hire a gutter specialist who knows exactly how to go about it.

When You Want to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

If you want to save money, but you’re also concerned about quality, having seamless gutters installed is your best option. Seamless gutters are made from thicker material than what you’ll find at home improvement stores, and they’re custom-fabricated to your home’s exact measurements so they’re long-lasting and watertight. Big box DIY gutters come in sections that you have to piece together during installation, so they’re more likely to leak. When you’re weighing cost versus quality, keep in mind that custom made seamless gutters also have a material and workmanship warranty, and you’ll lose this valuable benefit if you decide to go the DIY route.


At Quality Gutter Systems, we’re here to help you avoid the headaches and hassles of DIY gutter installation. Contact us today for a free gutter system estimate!


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