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rain barrels and rain gutters

Drought seems to be coming more often in the Texas Hill Country. Many towns, including Boerne, are under mandatory water restrictions because of drops in the water supply. That makes every drop of rain that much more precious.

Collecting rainwater is one way you can gather all the water possible and make the fullest use of it. Rain gutters and barrels make it easy to do.

Uses for rainwater

You can use the water collected in rain barrels in quite a few ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Watering your plants. Rainwater has plenty of oxygen and is free of the salts and inorganic ions found in tap water. It actually makes your plants more drought tolerant because they are healthier and stronger.
  • Washing your car. Mandatory water restrictions limit or prevent you from washing your car with the conventional hose or bucket. If you have a rain barrel though, you can use that water without worry about being fined.
  • Washing the dog. There are no salts or chemicals in the rainwater which keeps your pets’ skin and coat cleaner and healthier.

Benefits of using rain barrels

By capturing the rainwater before it hits the ground you are also doing good in other ways:

  • Keep runoff to a minimum. When heavy rains hit, the runoff can erode dry, drought plagued soil. This can cause potential damage to your home’s foundation and your landscaping.
  • Reduce your water bills. Even when water restrictions are lifted, you can still use the water in the barrel for watering your lawn and plants. This will help keep your water bill down for years to come.
  • Control moisture levels in your crawlspace or basement. High levels of moisture against your foundation can lead to mold and mildew problems in your crawlspace or basement. By capturing the water before it gets near the foundation, you are preventing what could become a major problem.

Note: To prevent the water in rain barrels from going stale, your rain gutters must have a guard on top. This will prevent organic materials like leaves and dust from clogging up the barrel and polluting the water.

If you are interested in adding gutters and rain barrels at your home, contact us here at Quality Gutter Systems. We proudly serve our neighbors in Boerne and surrounding areas.

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