9 Things To Do Besides Clean The Gutters

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By a showing of hands, how many folks out there want to clean the gutters? If you kept your hand down, don’t feel bad. As it turns out, cleaning the gutters is one of the least favorite maintenance activities reported by homeowners. Reasons for the lack of interest vary. Some note the inconvenience. Others don’t have proper tools & attire for the job. But for the most part, it’s just a thankless job that’s not most folks’s cup of tea.

There’s just one problem — cleaning the gutters is a vital home maintenance task that ensures the proper performance of the gutter system in place.

But look around your neighborhood. It’s very likely that you’ll find gutters absolutely busting at the seams with leaves. Some downspouts have leaves jammed up in them so badly that they are actually pulling on the gutters themselves. If cleaning out one’s gutters is such a big deal, why don’t most people do it regularly?

Nonetheless, even knowing that clean gutters are optimal, you’re not going to get up from your comfy chair, especially during big-time college & professional football games. So, with that said, here are nine things you can do other than clean your gutters:

Remove Them

You really don’t need to clean the gutters if there aren’t any on your home, right? Some homeowners opt to do this, though they forget how the pitch of their roof, landscaping, and overall weather history play an important role in deciding whether gutters are a better solution.

Figure Out A New Guard System

One of the main reasons gutters get clogged up is leaves. Whether it’s from your trees or your neighbors, all that leafage will do a number on how well your gutters work. There are a number of gutter guard systems on the market aimed at directing water while keeping out leaves & other debris.

Redo Your Landscaping

You may not be able to convince your neighbors to down their trees, but could your own trees need some work? Keeping tree limbs trimmed & well-kept is a start. However, in some extreme cases, removing trees altogether is certainly a choice.

Watch TV

You’re already committed to the big game, so why not own it? Sure, you could be bothered by the pooling water in your gutters, slowly (yet surely) causing thousands of dollars in damage to your home. But how often are there football championship games on TV?

Keep Making Spot Repairs

Maybe cleaning the gutters isn’t your thing. Instead, you could opt for doing small repairs here & there to keep things kinda working OK. It’s not perfect, but if perfection were the goal, your gutters wouldn’t get clogged up in the first place, right?

Watch How-To Videos About Gutter Cleaning

We live in a day & age where instructional videos are available online for just about anything, including home improvement & renovation projects. Gutter maintenance is one of the biggest categories, so why not get lost in really learning how best to clean your gutters? This way, when you decide to ACTUALLY do it, you have all the knowledge you need. Or at least that’s what you can tell yourself.

Ignore The Problem

Much like watching TV or doing small repairs, simply ignoring your problem gutters is a choice. However, at some point, you’re going to have to get the message that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a fool’s game that will cost you big in the end. Do yourself & your home a favor by getting the ladder from the garage, a pair of work gloves, and get to work.

But here’s the thing: cleaning the gutters, even with the best intentions, doesn’t spare you from the dangers involved in the chore. There are numerous reports of injuries & fatalities sustained from ladder use. As such, the biggest positive thing you can do besides cleaning the gutters yourself is to hire someone else to do it for you, namely a professional gutter contractor. They’ve got the skills, experience, and know-how to get the job done safely & correctly.

Why clean the gutters yourself when you can get true professionals to do it right? Call us at (830) 264-1667 here at Quality Gutter Systems in Boerne today!