5 Facts About Copper Gutter Systems

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BLOG-copper-gutter-feb2016Gutters are a critical part of your home’s roofing system. They’re part of the basic infrastructure of your home, but some types also look great, adding a certain style and elegance to your home’s exterior. While many homeowners understand the need for gutters, it can be tough to make the right decision for durability and long-term beauty. One of the options available to you is copper gutters. Not only are they long-lasting, they grow more beautiful over time.

1. Copper Gutter Systems are Durable

Some gutter systems are inherently better than others. When it comes to copper, it’s tough to beat for overall durability. Copper gutters last for decades. This means that, unlike some less-durable options, you won’t be replacing your gutters after the next violent summer storm.

2. Copper is Corrosion-Resistant

Gutters made from copper won’t suffer from the same amount of corrosion that may occur with other types of metal gutters. In fact, copper becomes more beautiful as it’s exposed to the elements. Copper takes on a gorgeous patina over time that actually protects the metal from corrosion problems.

3. Copper Adds Value

Not only will the value of your home increase with a copper gutter system, it will also be more beautiful. Copper gutter systems give a dramatic look that can’t be matched by other types of gutter systems.

4. Copper Gutter Systems are Truly Seamless

Unlike other gutter systems that rely on joints, copper gutters feature soldered seams. This means that there aren’t any gaps in the gutter or downspouts where water can escape. It’s a truly seamless gutter option.

5. Copper Accessories Offer Greater Strength

The mounting accessories for copper gutter systems offer greater strength than those used with other types of guttering. This means that the whole system is stronger and better able to handle extreme amounts of rain than other types of gutters.


Finding the Right Copper Gutters

Gutters that are old, damaged, or just plain ugly aren’t doing your home any favors. Gutter problems can also become much larger problems with your home’s structure and siding. At Quality Gutter Systems, we understand how important gutters are to your home, and we work hard to install gutter protection systems, gutters, rain chains, and downspouts that beautify and protect your home. If your house needs new gutters, give us a call today to talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians and get a free estimate.  Contact Quality Gutter Systems today to learn how we can beautify your home.

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