4 Ways to Minimize Leaf Damage Around Your Home

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4 Ways to Minimize Leaf Damage Around Your Home

During the fall season, there is always an abundance of beautiful fall foliage. That also means that there will be an abundance of gutter cleaning and leaf raking to make sure your home is maintained and protected against fall leaf damage. Believe it or not, there are many ways that leaves can damage your home. Leaves can rot holes in your gutters if left for too long. They can overflow and push water onto your roof when debris has built up, and can even damage your lawn if you do not rake them. Maintaining a safe distance between tree limbs and your home, and regularly cleaning out your gutters will help you avoid leaf damage like the professionals.

Trim Trees

Trees that have grown too close to your home should be clipped and trimmed immediately! Long branches can easily break off and fall onto your roof during a storm and damage your roof and your gutters. If there is a tree branch full of dying leaves positioned directly above your gutters, you will either need to cut that branch, or clean out your gutters twice as often.

Rake Your Lawn

It may not seem like a big deal because it seems like leaves decompose easily on your lawn, however, if you don’t rake them up, the leaves can form a thick, decomposing carpet that causes problems. Thick layers of leaves resting on top of your beautiful lawn can stimulate the growth of mold and can cause moisture and water to run off instead of soaking into your lawn. Therefore, if you don’t want to kill the grass underneath all these pesky leaves, consider raking or mulching. If you decide to mulch instead of rake, understand that your lawn will still be getting the nutrients it needs while the small parts of the leaves decompose.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters are where the worst of the leaf damage will happen. To make sure that you avoid leaf damage and boost the lifespan of your gutters, regularly check up on the state of your gutters and clean them out whenever there seems to any buildup.

Build up of debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt can cause your gutters to overflow and send water onto your roof, easily causing leaks and fascia rot. Make gutter check-ups regular on your to-do list!

Gutter Protection

Deciding on installing new gutter technologies like LeafLock gutters to minimize your upkeep efforts and save you money. LeafLock gutters allow your gutters to flow free of leaves and other debris. They are guaranteed to eliminate gutter maintenance for a home’s entire lifetime.

For help with gutter protection and maintaining your gutters, connect with Quality Gutter Systems, and discuss the current state of your gutters. Let’s prolong your gutter’s lifespan together!

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