3 Things to Look for in a Great New Gutter

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3 Things to Look for in a Great New GutterYou can go to a big-box home improvement store and buy sectional gutters and various gutter parts. You can spend a few weekends taking down your San Antonio home’s old gutters and attempting to put up new ones correctly. And then you can watch after the first heavy rain as your gutters leak, fascias get soaked, and downspouts pull away from your home. The gutters San Antonio homeowners need are not found in home improvement stores. For gutters, San Antonio homeowners will be proud of, consider these three qualities.


A highly trained technician from a reputable company can install even a mediocre gutter system better than most amateurs can install a top-quality one. The company you select should be carefully reviewed for its reputation, its technicians, and its products.

Some companies offer handyman services that include everything from gutters to landscaping to light repair work. They are not experts in gutter installation. Some big-box stores offer seamless gutter installation because they own a gutter extrusion machine; their “technicians” may be completely untrained.

You need to trust your home’s structural integrity to a local, reputable company whose primary purpose is to install high-quality gutter systems.


Gutters come in many profiles (ogee or K-style, straight-faced, half round) and in many quality levels. Seamless gutters are extruded on site, so some less reputable companies use thinner stock to hasten the roll-out process. Avoid this; you want the thickest gauge metal you can find, so your gutters last for many years.

Also, consider the baked-on color of the gutter system you select. Avoid seasonal trips up extension ladders to touch up or repaint your gutters by picking a product with a real colorfast finish and additional protective coating.


Look for a gutter system that comes with a warranty. This can be a materials warranty, like the one offered by Quality Gutter Systems for the SnapLock Gutter Installation System®, or a lifetime performance warranty.

The warranty has value, so only installers with proven track records of excellent installation work will be able to offer manufacturers’ warranties for their products.

A call to Quality Gutter Systems will connect you to a reliable, local company offering the highest quality gutter products. We are able to provide extensive warranties and the most expert installations. For the best gutters, San Antonio residents can get, contact us today and learn about the difference Quality makes.

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