3 Aspects of a Premium Gutter for Your Home

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snapLock gutter is a premium gutterWhen it comes to your gutter system, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best because it’s essential to have a system that will safeguard your home against rainwater damage when it’s first installed, and every day thereafter. With the plethora of gutter products on the market, choosing the right one can seem like an impossible task, though. To help you make the wisest choice, here are three key aspects to look for in a premium gutter.

Installation Quality

While you might be surprised that installation is mentioned first, it’s because your installer makes all the difference in whether you get a truly premium gutter system. A knowledgeable installer can assess your home and current system and give you personalized advice on the right size and type of gutters and downspouts to fully protect your property from the costly damage rain can cause. They can also configure your new gutter system to match your home’s unique roofline and make sure that there are sufficient, properly-placed downspouts to make drainage both effective and efficient.

Durable Construction

Many homes in the Boerne area have aluminum gutter systems that were installed by the builder and are made from “builder grade” material that’s typically only 0.19 inches thick. These gutters might look good when a home is brand new, but within just a few years they’ll begin to deteriorate and become ineffective because they can’t stand up to the elements long-term. In contrast, a premium aluminum gutter is made from 0.32 inch-thick material for maximum strength, and it has a durable, painted finish that resists chipping, cracking and peeling.

Effective Design

A big part of the longevity of a gutter system lies in its design. The most effective gutters are fabricated on site, which means they’re custom-fitted to the exact measurements of your roof edge to provide a continuous or seamless system that’s less likely to leak. High-quality gutters also feature built-in protection to keep leaves and other debris out so they are less likely to clog, which means they’ll require less maintenance. They rely on a superior attachment method too, like the SnapLock gutter system that keeps the gutters secure without the use of spikes or nails, which prevents the fascia decay and sagging that often causes premature gutter failure.
To learn why we install only premium products like the SnapLock gutter system, contact us today at Quality Gutter Systems.

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