15 Things You Should Do Instead of Clean Out Your Gutters

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The weather is getting nicer, so the last thing you want to do is clean out gutters. You want to experience life, go on some adventures, and maybe even grab a bite to eat that isn’t whatever you could cobble together from things in your pantry!

You Trust Your Gutters, Right?

In the grand scheme of things, your gutters are meant to do one job. So long as they were installed correctly & have been maintained over their lifetime, they should be solid. What’s more, they’re kind of out of sight, out of mind. We don’t pay much attention to them unless something is wrong.

It’s been established, though, that you’re not going to clean out gutters or even think much about them. You’re fully committing to having faith in their installation, something that may have occurred years before you moved in. You’re confident & that’s that.

Yes, Without A Doubt, You Trust Your Gutters…

Since you’ve got some free time, here are suggestions as to what to do with it instead of any gutter maintenance of consequence:

  • Assess your gutters…that is, at least make sure they’re still connected to your house
  • You know what? don’t even check them…they’re fine
  • Check out your landscaping…Are your flower beds still ok? Then you’re good
  • Check out your foundation…Are there any cracks showing up? How about standing water?
  • Assess Your Tree Situation…Do your trees sit close to your home & drop a lot of leaves?
  • Just pay a professional crew to handle your gutter cleaning
  • Take care of other chores…you know you have them
  • Get your home warranty in order…you may end up needing it in a big way
  • Assess your allergies…the uptick in moisture issues your home is experiencing are definitely going to make your allergies rougher
  • Welcome in pests…after all, accumulated water & areas of decay near your gutters allow more stuff in, so at least be polite to your new guests
  • Compare prices for replacing gutters…Why clean them when you can just replace them?
  • Make your house taller…leaves can’t cause gutter issues if your house is a floor or two above the tree line
  • Look for a new home with no gutters…if you don’t have gutters, there’s no problem, plus real estate is booming right now
  • Remove gutters entirely…again, no gutters, no cleaning out needed


Cleaning Out Your Gutters The Right Way

In case you didn’t notice, the list is trying to get an important point across — you actually need to clean out your gutters. But you need to think about it in a very different light. Looking for one more thing to do instead of cleaning out your gutters? Easy — invest in a quality gutter guard system. Working with a highly-respected & experienced gutter contractor is your best bet to finding the right solution for you.

Trying to not clean out gutters in central Texas? Do it the right way by calling Quality Gutter Systems today.