FAQ’s: Rain Gutters & Downspouts

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FAQ’s: Rain Gutters & Downspouts

Drainage downspouts help to channel rainwater away from your home’s foundation. Call Quality Gutter Systems in San Antonio to learn more 830-264-1667

Q. We install continuous gutters… What are Continuous (a.k.a. seamless) Gutters?

A_for_FAQsContinuous rain gutters are seamless metal gutters that catch roof rain water run-off and channels the water to the downspouts without leaking or dripping. Seamless gutters only have sections that join at inside and outside corners. Unlike sectional pieced gutters installed with a seam every 10 or 20 feet where there is a potential for leaks around the entire perimeter of the home, with continuous (or seamless) gutters there are no unsightly seams to catch debris or leak. Seamless gutters offer the most efficient way to catch and drain rainwater. All our seamless rain gutters can be installed in conjunction with the SnapLock Gutter Installation System offering a lifetime performance warranty.


Q. Why does water get behind my gutters even when they are clean?

A_for_FAQsThe shingle overhang at the roofline and the drip edge are many times the blame for water penetrating behind the gutters leading to damaging wood-rot and structural deterioration. The LeafLock Combo Gutter Proection System includes both LeafLock™ Clog-free gutter covers and LeafLock™ Gutter System® installation prevents this from ever occurring. If this problem is something happening on your home you should have it inspected and for a determination of why this is happening.


Q. How do rain gutters help protect my home?

A_for_FAQsA roof alone does not protect the homes structural integrity. The average home typically sheds 28,000,000 cubic inches of rainwater per year and must be channeled away from the roofline to prevent water damage to the home’s exterior and ground below so it is vital to keeping the rain gutters clog-free at all times. If this rain water is not channeled away correctly it is no different than not having gutters and downspouts. This is why it important to have a gutter system designed to be free-flowing without the potential for backups and clogs allowing for proper expansion and contraction on the home. If rain water runoff is not channeled away or gutters are allowed to clog, it adversely affects the structures integrity affecting the roofline, fascia & soffit, exterior, windows and surrounding landscape, even your foundation.


Q. My fascia boards or rafters tails are slanted or have trim boards, can you install your LeafLock seamless gutter system on these type of applications?

A_for_FAQsYes, not to worry we have you covered. We can install your gutters in any of these configurations illustrated below with 100% structural integrity for the lifetime of your home. Guaranteed!



Q. My gutters frequently clog and fill with debris, is there any way to prevent this from occurring time and time again?

A_for_FAQsYes, LeafLock™ Clog-free gutter covers guarantees your gutter from clogging against all direct and wind blown debris. Your existing gutters will become a free-flowing roof drainage system protecting your home, roofline preventing thousands of dollars in costly water damages due to clogged gutters and downspouts each year while keeping you off the roof. The LeafLock Gutter System™ is guaranteed not to clog. If your gutter system ever fails, we will fix it for free for the life of your home.


Q. What is the SnapLock Gutter Installation System® and why is it far superior to any traditional gutter installation today?

A_for_FAQs3 Critical Reasons:

 SnapLock’s no-hole gutter installation system technology uses no screws or nails in your rain gutters puncturing the gutter walls for attachment to the home forming a watertight mating of the gutter at the edge of your roofline – a lasting trusted seal helping prevent water damage to your home.

The rain gutters are allowed to move freely which is critical when affixing any type of metal to a structure commonly known as “Expansion” and “Contraction”. It prevents gutter buckling, gutter warping, and gutter separation from the allowing dry-rot to form creating an unhealthy environment for mold and bacterial to fungus to get into the home.

The rain gutter now allow for proper ventilation behind your gutter therefore eliminating condensation so your fascia or rafter tails will stay dry preventing wood-rotting mold and bacterial responsible for fascia, board, soffit and rafter tail replacement.


Offering: Protection Against Rot & Mold. Lifetime Material Warranty & Lifetime Performance warranty.